• Drizzt is a drow who was in secret raised different then all the other drows and acts against the dark nature of drow society, favoring friendship and peace over hatred and violence. His unusual personality made the clan suspicious and of the age 12 he was discovered and had to flee while seeing his family get slaughtered by his own kind. 
  • The first years he traveled from town to town, never beeing able to stay in one place more then a few days before he had to flee or be killed becouse of his looks. The only reason he is still alive is becouse of his exeptional charisma and streatwise. Beeing drow also helped to put fear in any attackers eyes who know what normal drows are capable of so by bluffing and intimidating Drizzt could get out of almost any situation before him.
  • At the age of 16 Drizzt hade been seen in several towns and was concidered a menace so there was a huge bounty on his head and he had to flee deep into the forrest. While almost welcoming death after his miserable life he was almost releaved when they finaly hunted him down and he knew he soon would be free of this hellish world, but he wouldnt go without some company so he took a few down before they overwhelmed him. This is how he met Deimus the old orc warlock, in a blink of an eye the bounty hunters where no more and Drizzt had as many times before bearly lived to see another day. Deimus brought Drizzt to his home and cured his wounds, beeing a orc and also a warlock was almost as bad as beeing drow so he of anyone understood the hell this boy had been throu. Deimus was also good natured and extreamly intellegent, for an old orc. Having no were else to go, Drizzt stayed with the old orc and he was intriged by the warlock ways and after a couple of years he could call himself a hexblade.
  • After a couple of years Deimus dies of old age and Drizzt sets out to make the world a better place even if his good deeds never can wash away the blood of a drow. Even if he always tries to do good deeds to honor his family, Drizzt fights the dark traits that are inherent in the drow to ever surface.