Malcor Curtis

Level 6 Paladin Cavalier

Main weapon: Longsword

Off hand: Shield

Armor: Plate

Personality: Arrogant, Good natured, fun loving, vain, rascal


Malcor is the son of the respected Davey Curtis, a lord of Waterdeep city on the Sword coast. He was raised with the expectation of living up to his fathers past battlefield glory and tutored in the arts of swordplay and with a firm allegiance to the gods. Besides the skills required in battle, his tutor - the dragonborn paladin Thotiln Wurmeye - also tought him Draconian. As his talents for fighting developed he became famous in Waterdeep as a prize fighter, for several years holding the title of supreme champion in the arena. Much to the dissapointment of his father, Malcors ambitions didn't extend far from the arena. He preferred the finer things in life - wine, good food and adoring female fans rather than the harsher conditions of the front lines of battle. As his fathers patience ran out, so did his generosity. Eventually Malcor put his talents to use as a bounty hunter, smiting evildoers in the name of glory for the Gods! The gold didn't hurt either.

He truly strives to rid the world of evil and protect any innocents that are attacked by dark forces. In his mind no-one is better equipped to bring salvation to the lands and willingly lends his body and mind to be the ultimate hammer of justice in the hands of the gods. But in the end, what he longs for is the recognition and power to rival that of his father.